RIGA Solutions

RIGA Solutions is a research advisory partnership that works to support evidence-based solutions around social and health issues. We work with local, national, regional, and international organizations, stakeholders, and partners to identify and address challenges and bring about effective, sustainable change.


Program and policy evaluation
RIGA Solutions can help you design, implement, and evaluate interventions, programs, and policies using a rigorous and scientifically proven monitoring and evaluation plan.
Research services
Our experts have extensive experience helping organizations to design science-based solutions through data-driven research.
Data analytics and visualization
Our experts can help evaluate and process your data, create eye-catching data visualizations, and perform rigorous analyses with both quantitative and qualitative data.
Knowledge translation services
We can help disseminate the results of your programs, policies, and research in a meaningful, easy-to-understand, and impactful way.


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We firmly believe that being generous, sensitive, compassionate, and supportive helps people to build more inclusive, sustainable, sensible, and healthy communities for current and future generations. We are therefore committed to supporting the social and health needs of our community, particularly those of children, women, and single mothers living in rural, underserved, and low-income areas.

To support education and health initiatives among these populations, we donate 1.5% of all profits from all projects with net profits of $1,000.00 or more.