About RIGA Training Centre

We offer personalized training plans to meet individual and team skill development needs. We also support graduate and postgraduate research projects, career mentorship, and programs to build scientific and analytical expertise.

Our training programs:

Program and intervention evaluation methodology

Introductory and advanced biostatistics and epidemiological methods applied to health research

Social, behavioural, and biological determinants of health

Social and health inequities

Intersectionality analyses

Epigenetics and genetic epidemiology

Qualitative methods applied to social and health research

General advanced Excel and Excel applied to business and economic analytics

Scientific writing

Curriculum and career development services:

Tailored short- and long-term research-based curriculum development for health professionals

Personalized career development pathway through experience, postgraduate and continuous education.

Mentoring and coaching programs:

Analytical and mentorship support for undergraduate and graduate students

Research and education mentorship for early career researchers and professionals

Academic writing, publication, and oral presentation support

Mentoring and assistance with international postgraduate applications

Are you interested in enhancing your skills in research, analysis, program evaluation, and knowledge translation? Or are you looking for career planning or mentorship?