Our Company


RIGA Solutions is a research advisory partnership that works to support evidence-based solutions around social and health issues.

We work with local, national, regional, and international organizations, stakeholders, and partners to identify and address challenges and bring about effective, sustainable change.

We believe that collaborative partnerships with organizations and stakeholders are an indispensable element in the search for solutions.

RIGA Solutions was co-founded by two scientists, Cilia Mejia-Lancheros and James Lachaud. As scientists, we believe evidence-based research has a central role in social, health, and development policy and interventions. We will work with your team to articulate what is working and outline solutions and strategic actions using data and analytical evidence. Our approach is based on dynamic collaborations with our clients and partners to strengthen their capacity while prioritizing a strategic course of action.

We bring together local and international experts and consultants in epidemiology and public health, applied economics, program evaluation, data analytics, organizational development, and capacity building. To support new generations of leaders, researchers, and scientists, our team also provides curriculum development, targeted training, and individual- and group-oriented coaching and mentoring.


Using scientific data and analytics to inform solutions

We apply a rigorous methodology and relevant expertise to inform decision making, policy, and strategic actions.

A partnership-based approach for sustainable solutions and success

We believe that collaborative partnerships with organizations and stakeholders are an indispensable element in the search for solutions that address complex health, social, education, and organizational challenges.

Commitment to excellence

We are detail-oriented, focusing on meeting our partners’ needs and delivering quality services to effectively translate findings into practice, policy, and action.

Inclusion and transparency

Our team and the services we provide hold inclusion, diversity, and transparency to be strengths and critical lenses for identifying needs and challenges and informing appropriate and inclusive solutions, policy, and action.

Integrity and ethics

We work with professionalism, independence, inclusion, and respect for our partners, collaborators, local and sociocultural identities, population groups, and individuals directly or indirectly involved with our services.


Our vision is to support more equitable, inclusive, and impactful health and social policy and interventions through evidence-based research and evaluation solutions, partnerships and collaborations, and capacity building through training, coaching, and mentoring.


Our mission is to help organizations and partners identify, capture, and build the most valuable and meaningful analytics-driven and evidence-based strategies, which in turn lead to effective and sustainable solutions to address social, health, training, and development challenges.


We work with a diverse range of partners and customers, including local, provincial, and federal governments and agencies, international and non-governmental organizations, non-profit and community-based organizations, businesses, and start-ups. Our Research Training Centre also works with many educational and training institutions as well as early and mid-career leaders, researchers, and scientists.